The Journey Begins; Start Here

I am a lily. Lilium. Lileae

Yellow, pink, orange, white.

Come inside so I say.

See my bulbs in the light.

Hello there! Welcome to my blog! Now I’m sure some of you are thinking… I didn’t know she was into poetry! What is this?! While some of you are saying, “Finally! She has decided to share her work with the world!” No. None of you are saying the latter because I rarely shared my love for writing with the world. I have been scribbling stories and poems in my Sunday school journals (don’t tell) or class notes for as long as I can remember. Then the other night I thought maybe after 2 decades of my life, now would be a good time to share. Not for my benefit or boast but rather to reach out to people who were and are hurting  the way I used to. The burden is not yours to carry alone.

Scary isn’t it? Brrr. So here I am. My name is Ope and I an aspiring inspirer. I had to look that word up to make sure I completely made it up (haha).

Before I begin to post my work, I wanted to remind you and you and you that this… this is a safe space. Virtual it may be but very safe for me. I’ll come here to express, to process, and try to make sense of the ups and downs of life. This. Is my outlet.

In this blog, you will read about love, loss, family, relationships with people and with God. Some stuff will be light and others will be heavy. (Proceed with caution). It has taken me a long time to review my life and turn my feelings into words so I hope and pray that someone out there will realise, like I did, that through it all, they are not alone.

Thanks for joining me! Please reply, comment, or like! Do what you need to do to process! Respectfully of course! Then follow @bubblethoughtss on instagram for daily inspirations!

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