Reasons why I can’t leave you

  1. We’ve talked about our future and forever and at the time I really believed in it
  2. You said I was your first love and what a monster I would be to break your fragile heart
  3. I let my love for you turn into lust in just a matter of weeks and I don’t know how to go back
  4. We’ve stared at each other with hopeful eyes thinking “if onlys” and “what ifs” and “oh someday…” And though these are the things I wanted; I can’t distinguish if I just want them or want them with you
  5. You make me feel wanted and loved for being myself but sometimes I think it’s because you have not loved anyone else. The way that you think you love me.
  6. I have said things to you that I cannot take back
  7. When we don’t talk… sometimes… I miss you like a dog misses its owner though he knows exactly what time he will return
  8. I’ve let you listen to my heartbeat… Twice.

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