“You’re So Good.”

I would have picked him over church

It’s hard to admit but it would have been true

I wouldn’t have wanted to but it’s what I would’ve done


I fell in love with a sinner

Yes I know we’re all sinners

But he…

He was the wrong type of sinner

One who would convince you that he was on the upwards battle

Same as you

Ready to serve and turn his life around

He would say, “Babe, I really wanna change. I’m done with my past life”

My heart would flutter every time he said my name

The butterflies racing and dancing at the same time

Every. Single. Night.

A smile instantly on my face when he grabbed my hand

And oh how he looked at me

Like he truly saw who I was past all the make-up and charades and the pressures of school and the constant drive to be perfect

He saw through me

He would say, “Baby…

I’m so glad I found you. You’re so pretty. You’re so good.

You make me wanna be good.”




Well no one is good except the Father

So did this make me… like… God?

I fell in love with not only his person

But also his act of idolizing

Here I was praying that nothing would come in between me and God but then when he told me I made him want to be good

To be honest

That felt good

Who was I kidding? I wanted to be that person

I wanted him to be good

All by myself


So I fell in love with a sinner

And I became the worst of sinners

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