Death Stings (TW)

Death stings

It drags

It shakes the world

Every time someone falls

Every time the last breath is released

An earthquake

A wave of emotion

It’s unbearable



It’s like I can’t breathe myself as I watch you lose your abilities

My stomach turns over on itself

The floor beneath my feet quivers

Goose bumps take over my skin like a fierce army

Why, God? Why?

Why you?

Death blows

I mean literally

It blows the life out of me

All I want is to be able to see you blink one more time

To smile one more time

To hear your laugh, your voice…

Even now I cringe when I think of you

You were so loving

So happy

So giving

And though we weren’t best friends or friends at all no one would know with the way you treated me

No one

I race to catch my breath and try not to yell and scream and pull out all of my hair

I am at a loss for words


I can’t cry

I can’t laugh

Please don’t die?

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