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I had the most interesting conversation with a girl.
She came up to me nervous acting like this wasn’t normal for her. Whether it was an act or not I couldn’t tell but anyway
She looked pretty: well dressed with a nice sweater and long skirt. She was taller than I was and pretty. Her wig or tracks were old but she still seemed to rock them.
Anyway she came up to me and said, “hey how are you what’s your name? My name is Britt” (or something like that) and I told her my name and she shook my hand. Very interesting. Then she said “I feel bad cause I’m bout to beg you” and I was like do you need some money?”

A little back story before I continue. I just got back from jersey on a long 4 hour bus ride and I was tired. I just wanted to go home but I didn’t want to uber cause that’s an unnecessary $6 and the most I wanted to spend was $2 which would get me on a bus to my place. But as I was standing at the bus stop/walking to it. It just drove away. They do that a lot. You literally have to throw yourself in front of the bus for it to notice you. Smh. Anyway while I was being cheap there were people sitting out there completely broke.

So Britt continued to say “I feel bad but what happened was I was walking on Charles Street and some guy took me to the alley because I was going to do something for him but he ended up trying to rob me and if you walk up Charles now you’ll see there is a lot of prostitution,” and I just kept listening and nodding my head. Then when she was done explaining how she almost got robbed and then finally got away, I extended my hand with the two dollars that I was going to use to take the bus and I said here I was going to put this on the bus anyway but you can have it and she said, “oh no I don’t want to take it because don’t you have to take the bus” and I said, “don’t worry I will find my way home” and she said, “no you should take it,” and after bargaining for some time she finally took the money and I headed back into Penn station to wait. I figured that I could probably just call the uber that I had been avoiding and just get home and sleep so I proceeded to download the app because I had deleted it because I didn’t want to keep wasting my money.

So the moments later as I was trying to download the app, mind you my phone battery was on 14%, she came up to me and said, “hey how are you going to get home? I want to give you the money back because you need to get home and I want to make sure; I don’t want to destroy your night” and I said, “no your night has been rough and you deserve to have it because you need to thought you need to go find somewhere to sleep so you can rest” and she said “no that’s okay I have a Bando” (I don’t know what that is) but she said “I have a Bando and I can go sleep in it don’t worry about me” and I said “no I already gave it to you” and she said “yeah you gave it to me so now it’s my money and I want to give it back to you” I said “no that’s okay I’m going to take the shuttle.” So she said “at least can I wait with you” I said “of course” so we walk to the parking shuttle station and we stood there and were talking and then I said “oh you’re very tall” and she said “yeah I know that’s a compliment because I can beat people up” and I laughed and said “yes exactly” and then she said “even though I’m homeless girl I think I have a good heart” and then I said “do you have people helping you?” and she said “yes and no but I don’t like I don’t like asking people for things” and it seems like she didn’t also like people telling her what to do; she likes to be independent and I said “okay; I totally understand” and then she proceeded to smoke her blunt which was fine with me though I don’t like the smell; I didn’t mind her smoking because she that’s what she wanted to do. With her long night and all; she needed to relax.

So the shuttle came and I got on the shuttle she gave me a hug this was the second time she hugged me. The first time she hug me when I first gave her the money and the second time she hugged me when I got on the bus and then she apologized for smoking for smelling like smoke so it was okay. I got on the bus and then I was thinking God what more could I have done for her? I said a little prayer for her. And for other people like her on Charles street. And I don’t know why but before I fell asleep, the last thought on my mind was the smoke.

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