When a heart breaks

I want to write about pain

Now, pain is not a feeling that can be easily explained

Pain hurts. I mean everyone knows that.

I have only experienced pain a few times in my life and I am grateful for that

Except when I had those experiences, I felt like I would never get out

Think about if someone digs a deep pit; you fall in; and part of you wants to get out but the other part of you never wants to see the real world ever again

You’d rather just stay in the pit. In the pain.

It’s somewhat scary. But somewhat comforting.

You embrace the darkness because at least no one can see how scared you are

How scarred you’ve become

The darkness doesn’t judge; it covers

I’ve been wanting to write about pain for a long time

Every time I feel it, I write

But not enough

Long enough to heal but not long enough to overcome

I put a band aid over my pain

Over my bleeding heart

Over my ruptured soul

Until something or someone comes along and pierces through the plastic

Or whatever band aids are made of

“This isn’t easy

This isn’t clear

And you don’t need Jesus til’ you’re here

Then confusion and the doubts you had

Up and walk away

They walk away

When a heart breaks”

~ Ben Rector

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