How could you leave us…

How are we just supposed to move on with life without you here?

Can someone just tell me?

This wasn’t supposed to happen

You can’t convince me otherwise


I’m sitting at my desk and I can’t concentrate

I can’t do work

I want to grieve

I haven’t had time to


I miss you so much

I didn’t think I would miss you this much

But how could I not?

We formed a really good bond and you supported me so much even though we had just met


We had started to make plans to hang out

Literally the day before you left us

You had been giving me advice on how to rest

We decided on music and sleep

You wanted me to take it easy

We all know I do the most

But you always understood

You never judged


Why would you leave us like this?




I can’t get myself to cry

Every time the tears start to form

I blink them away

I’m at work.

I’m on the train.

I’m walking home.

I can’t cry in public.

I can’t cry in bed.

I can’t do this.


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