Relationships, Short Story

Friends (Part 1)

Feel the blades of grass beneath your skin

Against the touch of your fingers

Feel the warmth of the sun upon your face

Against the hairs on the back of your neck

You don’t know what you want but it doesn’t matter because this. feels. just. right.

Close your eyes

Inhale deeply

Do you feel that?

If anyone could describe perfection, this moment… this place… this would be it.


You’re surrounded by smiling mouths

Ignore the faces for a second

And look at the smiles

The curve of one’s lips that usually signifies happiness

Look at their eyes

Do you feel the joy radiating from their skin?

This. This moment right here. Perfect.


All the cares in the world were left in the car

Or at home

Hung up with the peacoats and jackets

Dripping into a bucket with some wet umbrellas

Arranged perfectly with the shoes by the front door

Left for another day

Another time.


This setting beats it all.

A perfect moment.

With broken people.

And smiling mouths.



Nothing else could be the same.



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