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There is Hope in Christ (tw: suicide)


It hurts everyone

Please don’t die

If you think there’s no one else on earth who can help you

I’ll show you that’s not the case

Even if you think life is not worth living

I’ll show you that’s not the case

I’m sorry I didn’t come over that one time when you asked if I had a minute

I’m sorry I barked at you when I clearly needed to listen

And though we can’t go back and change what’s past,

I know someone who can give you a joy that lasts

He was born specifically for people like you and me

And for our broken world

See, He has been waiting for you since the day you were born

He wants to be your friend

And not in a creepy way; it’s just a loving, heart-felt desire

So what does he want from you?


Just believe that He is; He exists

He traded death for life

And fear for courage

He can take you places beyond your human mind can think

Please don’t miss this message

When you hurt so bad and you just can’t anymore

When you tell everyone and they say it’s your fault

When you tell no one and no one asks or cares

Night after night your pillow is drenched with tears

Hey listen…

Don’t stop.

This isn’t the end; this isn’t your end

Remember that friend? Let me introduce you

His name is Jesus. He is there right now right where you are

Once you invite him into your heart, he never leaves. You can do it now.

Call out to him; he’s not far.

Never too busy

Never judging

Always loving

He’s knows

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