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I am not alone

Reflecting on God’s presence in my life and I think of myself as a child. I stumble blindly throughout life thinking I know where to go, how to do things, crying when I don’t get my way and so on. We are all God’s children. Literally. Whether old or young, God still sees you as his son or his daughter. Then I listened to this amazing song called Psalm 23. I couldn’t believe I had never heard it before now. Check out the link at the bottom of the email to listen to the song. It’s absolutely amazing.

Being a child in God’s presence can be intimidating. He’s this big almighty God and we are literally toddlers running around before him. I babysit a lot and when I watch my little ones, I notice that when they mess up – whether it’s an accident, they eat something they weren’t supposed to or one of them hits a siblings, they always run away. When I ask what happens, no one says anything.

They’re like whaaaat? tenor.gif

Some cry, some hide and on a good day, one ‘fesses up. I realize that I do the same thing with God. When I do something I know is clearly wrong… I run. I hide. On a good day, I ask for forgiveness. But I know through this word that regardless of how many times we may fall, He is always there. He picks us up , clears the toys or hardships out of our way so we don’t stumble and he always makes a way even when we could never see our way out of situation.

I think of the Rugrats. These babies almost become adults when they’re parents are not watching.


They encounter scary situations and have to make tough choices on their own. In steps Jesus. He scoops us up in His grace. Not because we’ve been good or we’ve been bad but because of His mercy. I am so thankful that I could be as scared as those kids up there but on the inside I know that God is never far away. He has never left me and He never will.

Be encouraged.

Psalm 23- People and Songs.jpg

Song link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8OlMGnPUAdw

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