Pain, Self love

Remember Me

i have traveled far beyond return

i  struggle to find my way back

grappling what seems to be just thin air

digging my nails into the wall

in order to balance my feet

my lungs seem to release air rather than recycle it

i cannot see a thing


i remember my mother who once held me in her arms

i see her letting go of me

i am falling


i have crossed the line beyond return

i try to show love to those who love me

but i can’t

i am failing


what must i do to become who i was

who must i be to do what i want

i cannot fathom the thought of losing you

but at the same time all i want to do

is run as far away as i can from you

i am crying


digging my nails deeper into the cracks

etching out my memories into the walls

i cannot be forgotten

i am longing for something

i am dying

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