Pain, Relationships, Self love

Why do we love?

Why do we love?
Are we just trying to find our place in this world?
Trying to find that someone who completes us?
Or are we just afraid of being alone?
Searching for a deeper connection
Anywhere and everywhere

I found a guy 
For me
Just like the song perfect,
He is beautiful and sweet
I held his hand
I felt his pulse
In sync with mine
It was perfect

What else is there to life
Than to live and be loved
To be adored and respected
To want and to be wanted
He makes me smile so wide it hurts my face
When you're passed the level of butterflies
It sounds like love
What else would you need?
Success, riches, houses, cars?
Just material things

Love is intangible 
Forever fulfilling
An unending experience

Okay so you told yourself you would move on
Why do you still care?
You've met a new guy
Why do you still look back

This one actually cares
Why do you wonder what if...
He didn’t even care why should you
He was selfish
He didn’t want You
Why not be with someone who does
Someone who knows how to love
Someone who is willing
To sacrifice

It’s not worth it 
You know better
So do better

Quit the roller coaster life
Come on...
You deserve the world

Okay fine. Let’s just check if he’s online
Just one more time...

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