Relationships, Self love

Waiting for my love

Shall I risk defeat and love again?

Shall I wear my heart upon my sleeve?

Let my guard down to show off my bruises?

How dare you walk into my life

And claim to love it?

How dare you call me your own?

Can’t you see that the beauty you gaze upon is flawed?

Does it not taunt you with its brokenness?

My stomach turns over on itself

How could you let me feel again?

Why must I allow myself to heal

To grieve… to live…?

I can’t sleep

I sit up waiting for you

Waiting to accuse you of these feelings

They well up inside me and I cannot resist

They make me want to run through the hills

I can not

I can only breathe

Breathe with you as you softly dream

Hoping that you dream of me… of us

Dreams that the world cannot imagine

Dreams of us healed and free

Will I ever be free?

So I sit here

And wait.

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