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We’re the lucky ones

We're the lucky ones Only just begun Others leave too young We are the lucky ones --- Where do I even start? I realized that if I just kept thinking and feeling If I didn't write I would implode --- I honestly thought this grieving thing was a momentary I thought... well I hoped. I… Continue reading We’re the lucky ones

Blackness, Pain

Just Like My Mom

Yesterday my friend’s mom died I went to see her I had visited her in the hospital while she was alive She was lively She was beautiful She had a sense of humor She had been bed-ridden for some time now but that did not kill her spirit She had life You know it’s amazing… Continue reading Just Like My Mom

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~ This post was inspired by my class on the History of Slavery in the US ~   How the hell does a broken heart get back together again? When the sword of slavery has ripped it apart When the laws of society have held you bound What kind of love do you say this… Continue reading Ford

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I had the most interesting conversation with a girl. She came up to me nervous acting like this wasn't normal for her. Whether it was an act or not I couldn't tell but anyway She looked pretty: well dressed with a nice sweater and long skirt. She was taller than I was and pretty. Her… Continue reading Smoke


I am the moon (and I wonder if it’s because I’m black)

It's hard to feel nowadays Because I don't feel anymore It's hard to think about my feelings right now Because I don't think anymore I just lie here Waiting Hoping that when the sun rises The pain will be over I close my eyes and try to remember The images are blurry and I can't… Continue reading I am the moon (and I wonder if it’s because I’m black)