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Why do we love?

Why do we love?Are we just trying to find our place in this world?Trying to find that someone who completes us?Or are we just afraid of being alone?Searching for a deeper connectionAnywhere and everywhere I found a guy For meJust like the song perfect, He is beautiful and sweetI held his handI felt his pulseIn… Continue reading Why do we love?

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When Love Returns

When an old flame of love gets rekindled People become skeptical of its willingness to last Will it stand the wave of next flood Or will it crackle under the weight of past guilt   Oh but how sweet it feels To be back with the one you once loved To feel the feelings that… Continue reading When Love Returns

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Run, baby, run

Yesterday I walked away from the love of my life I walked away from his beautiful face His soft curly hair And his cute broken smile Yesterday I ran away from the love of my life I ran away from his nonchalant attitude His dismissive words And his dispassionate love I am not sure what… Continue reading Run, baby, run


I’m Sorry

I love you like my ex Loved Me. Sometimes I say I love you when I don’t mean it I’m sorry; I don’t mean that at all I just say it because Well It feels good to say it It feels good to hear it back "I love you" 3 words. 8 letters I love… Continue reading I’m Sorry



Hey I miss you I miss you like flowers miss the sun on a rainy day We haven't talked in a few hours and it is as if my entire heart is being torn apart into tiny little pieces  Slowly A hundred thoughts are racing through my mind about why you haven't responded to my… Continue reading Hey

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~ This post was inspired by my class on the History of Slavery in the US ~   How the hell does a broken heart get back together again? When the sword of slavery has ripped it apart When the laws of society have held you bound What kind of love do you say this… Continue reading Ford


Take Me Back

My love for you is greater now, than it ever was before. but little do I know right now, how much I'll love you more.   If I could have just one wish, i'd want to wake up everyday closer than a dog on a leash  listening to your laugh when we play   but… Continue reading Take Me Back


Love; a roller coaster

Miraculous. Unpredictable. Strapped tight into a seat trying hard to calm the butterflies inside Anxious before every turn Every lift and every drop Ecstasy. High-spirits. No time to care. Then in the blink of an eye, your stomach drops! The butterflies feel like worms But wait… We rise up again Soaring Racing past all limits… Continue reading Love; a roller coaster

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I had the most interesting conversation with a girl. She came up to me nervous acting like this wasn't normal for her. Whether it was an act or not I couldn't tell but anyway She looked pretty: well dressed with a nice sweater and long skirt. She was taller than I was and pretty. Her… Continue reading Smoke

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why do guys confuse nice words with affection kind gestures with flirtation and glistening eyes with devotion   maybe I am just a nice person maybe I am just a giving person maybe I was just born with these pretty eyes