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I Have No One To Hold

In my senior year of college I stopped biting my nails In my senior year of college my mom got sick We heard she was sick in October Again But then she had surgery She had the surgery She got better . So I stopped biting my nails For my mom Because she got better… Continue reading I Have No One To Hold

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Run, baby, run

Yesterday I walked away from the love of my life I walked away from his beautiful face His soft curly hair And his cute broken smile Yesterday I ran away from the love of my life I ran away from his nonchalant attitude His dismissive words And his dispassionate love I am not sure what… Continue reading Run, baby, run

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There is Hope in Christ (tw: suicide)

Death It hurts everyone Please don't die If you think there's no one else on earth who can help you I'll show you that's not the case Even if you think life is not worth living I'll show you that's not the case I'm sorry I didn't come over that one time when you asked… Continue reading There is Hope in Christ (tw: suicide)


When a heart breaks

I want to write about pain Now, pain is not a feeling that can be easily explained Pain hurts. I mean everyone knows that. I have only experienced pain a few times in my life and I am grateful for that Except when I had those experiences, I felt like I would never get out… Continue reading When a heart breaks

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~ This post was inspired by my class on the History of Slavery in the US ~   How the hell does a broken heart get back together again? When the sword of slavery has ripped it apart When the laws of society have held you bound What kind of love do you say this… Continue reading Ford

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Bedtime Routine

I don’t feel beautiful Yeah I know everyone is beautiful in their own way Or is it that beauty is from within Or wait is it that it doesn’t matter what your face looks like what matters is your personality Or is it that beauty is in the eye of the beholder Oh well whatever… Continue reading Bedtime Routine


Take Me Back

My love for you is greater now, than it ever was before. but little do I know right now, how much I'll love you more.   If I could have just one wish, i'd want to wake up everyday closer than a dog on a leash  listening to your laugh when we play   but… Continue reading Take Me Back


Love; a roller coaster

Miraculous. Unpredictable. Strapped tight into a seat trying hard to calm the butterflies inside Anxious before every turn Every lift and every drop Ecstasy. High-spirits. No time to care. Then in the blink of an eye, your stomach drops! The butterflies feel like worms But wait… We rise up again Soaring Racing past all limits… Continue reading Love; a roller coaster

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I had the most interesting conversation with a girl. She came up to me nervous acting like this wasn't normal for her. Whether it was an act or not I couldn't tell but anyway She looked pretty: well dressed with a nice sweater and long skirt. She was taller than I was and pretty. Her… Continue reading Smoke

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why do guys confuse nice words with affection kind gestures with flirtation and glistening eyes with devotion   maybe I am just a nice person maybe I am just a giving person maybe I was just born with these pretty eyes