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My Mini Love

My mini love My love is a mini me A reincarnation of myself A misrepresentation of my feelings The same feelings that I shake off every morning when I get out of bed A disbelief in myself In my ability to love myself In my ability to love others I am capable; I tell myself… Continue reading My Mini Love

Blackness, Relationships


~ This post was inspired by my class on the History of Slavery in the US ~   How the hell does a broken heart get back together again? When the sword of slavery has ripped it apart When the laws of society have held you bound What kind of love do you say this… Continue reading Ford

Self love

Bedtime Routine

I don’t feel beautiful Yeah I know everyone is beautiful in their own way Or is it that beauty is from within Or wait is it that it doesn’t matter what your face looks like what matters is your personality Or is it that beauty is in the eye of the beholder Oh well whatever… Continue reading Bedtime Routine


I am the moon (and I wonder if it’s because I’m black)

It's hard to feel nowadays Because I don't feel anymore It's hard to think about my feelings right now Because I don't think anymore I just lie here Waiting Hoping that when the sun rises The pain will be over I close my eyes and try to remember The images are blurry and I can't… Continue reading I am the moon (and I wonder if it’s because I’m black)


Death Stings (TW)

Death stings It drags It shakes the world -- Every time someone falls Every time the last breath is released An earthquake A wave of emotion It's unbearable Unthinkable Un-liveable -- It's like I can't breathe myself as I watch you lose your abilities My stomach turns over on itself The floor beneath my feet quivers Goose… Continue reading Death Stings (TW)

Relationships, Self love

A Piece of my Heart

I gave my heart away in pieces To people To guys To you I gave my heart away in pieces It hurts I'm not whole I am lost I gave my heart away in pieces Like a birthday cake for that golden year Like I was the brownie for dessert Like I am not my… Continue reading A Piece of my Heart


I’m Wishing

how is it possible that a whiff of a familiar smell can make you feel emotions you have tried to hide deep inside for days weeks months   how is it possible to see someone who resembles you smells like you smiles like you in the slightest way possible and get punched in the gut… Continue reading I’m Wishing