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I am not alone

Reflecting on God's presence in my life and I think of myself as a child. I stumble blindly throughout life thinking I know where to go, how to do things, crying when I don't get my way and so on. We are all God's children. Literally. Whether old or young, God still sees you as… Continue reading I am not alone

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There is Hope in Christ (tw: suicide)

Death It hurts everyone Please don't die If you think there's no one else on earth who can help you I'll show you that's not the case Even if you think life is not worth living I'll show you that's not the case I'm sorry I didn't come over that one time when you asked… Continue reading There is Hope in Christ (tw: suicide)


Take Me Back

My love for you is greater now, than it ever was before. but little do I know right now, how much I'll love you more.   If I could have just one wish, i'd want to wake up everyday closer than a dog on a leash  listening to your laugh when we play   but… Continue reading Take Me Back


Love; a roller coaster

Miraculous. Unpredictable. Strapped tight into a seat trying hard to calm the butterflies inside Anxious before every turn Every lift and every drop Ecstasy. High-spirits. No time to care. Then in the blink of an eye, your stomach drops! The butterflies feel like worms But wait… We rise up again Soaring Racing past all limits… Continue reading Love; a roller coaster


Reasons why I can’t leave you

We’ve talked about our future and forever and at the time I really believed in it You said I was your first love and what a monster I would be to break your fragile heart I let my love for you turn into lust in just a matter of weeks and I don’t know how… Continue reading Reasons why I can’t leave you


I’m Wishing

how is it possible that a whiff of a familiar smell can make you feel emotions you have tried to hide deep inside for days weeks months   how is it possible to see someone who resembles you smells like you smiles like you in the slightest way possible and get punched in the gut… Continue reading I’m Wishing