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in loving memory of…

Sitting in a dark church Dang Just lost another Dang Don't have a mother Dang Can't reach my father I want to scream out loud LORD Not. Another. Not another... Didn't we go over this We talked about this I said I couldn't do this anymore I cried to you God... not again

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Remember Me

i have traveled far beyond return i  struggle to find my way back grappling what seems to be just thin air digging my nails into the wall in order to balance my feet my lungs seem to release air rather than recycle it i cannot see a thing   i remember my mother who once… Continue reading Remember Me

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Run, baby, run

Yesterday I walked away from the love of my life I walked away from his beautiful face His soft curly hair And his cute broken smile Yesterday I ran away from the love of my life I ran away from his nonchalant attitude His dismissive words And his dispassionate love I am not sure what… Continue reading Run, baby, run

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There is Hope in Christ (tw: suicide)

Death It hurts everyone Please don't die If you think there's no one else on earth who can help you I'll show you that's not the case Even if you think life is not worth living I'll show you that's not the case I'm sorry I didn't come over that one time when you asked… Continue reading There is Hope in Christ (tw: suicide)

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~ This post was inspired by my class on the History of Slavery in the US ~   How the hell does a broken heart get back together again? When the sword of slavery has ripped it apart When the laws of society have held you bound What kind of love do you say this… Continue reading Ford


Why do people have to die?

In the past couple months, 4 people I know or have met have died. They're just gone They're not coming back I don't know if I'll see some of them again Why do people have to die? Why do people have to cry? The worst is when it's untimely. An accident. A terminal illness. Found… Continue reading Why do people have to die?


Death Stings (TW)

Death stings It drags It shakes the world -- Every time someone falls Every time the last breath is released An earthquake A wave of emotion It's unbearable Unthinkable Un-liveable -- It's like I can't breathe myself as I watch you lose your abilities My stomach turns over on itself The floor beneath my feet quivers Goose… Continue reading Death Stings (TW)